Andrew is a toy photographer and video editor based in Medford, NY.  At an early age, he was drawn to the creative arts of film and photography.

Andrew Camera photographer

His art, Toy MiniNatures portrays the relationship between toys and our favorite flying friends.  A miniature world of toys alongside nature’s elements and inhabitants, bringing together the craftsmanship and beauty created by both humans and nature.

Photography has been his creative outlet to explore these scenarios from the imagination and the setting is almost always outdoors. Aiming to tell a ‘toy story’ in every one of his shots and convey immersion through their interactions with nature.

Fascination in the fantasy/anime/sci-fi genres are what invigorates his ideas and world-building. Drawing influences from Peter Jackson, Jim Henson, Phil Tippett, and Hayao Miyazaki. 

The equipment of choice includes a Canon EOS 90D DSLR with 300mm lens mounted on a Manfrotto tripod, equipped with a Ziploc bag of bird seeds and acorns, along with whatever accessories these figures need to greet our feathered/furry friends!